A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You have just become the Captain of your own ship and decided to set sail and travel the world!

This game was created during the 7DRL 2020 Jam.


Explore Caves and Dungeons or travel between Harbors to trade goods, embark on Quests and make your fortune, the choice is yours!

Running and maintaining a ship isn't cheap though, you will need to pay an upkeep of one gold every five turns when you are on the overworld map. If you are caught without gold it will be game over!

... also, some say that the greatest sailors may be able to reach unknown seas...


  1. Press W,A,S,D, the Arrow Keys or the Right Mouse button to move around and attack enemies.
  2. Press Q or the Left Mouse Button to select (and inspect) a target for your Ranged Attacks.
  3. Press E or the Right Mouse button to perform a Ranged Attack, but be mindful of the cooldown icon on the bottom-right. Ranged attacks can be cancelled by moving.

Click on the Character Sheet in the bottom-left corner to see your status.
You can Save when docking at a safe harbor.


rogue_sails_win64.zip 17 MB
rogue_sails.zip 15 MB

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I'm quite enjoying this game, there is enough generated content to keep returning every time I get butchered in some dark cave :D

I'm playing on Mac using Wine though, and the game crashes pretty often. This could be a Wine issue - I can't really tell. Here are a couple of stacktraces in case you want to take a look:



Thanks a lot for your interest!

I may be able to do something better for you: now you can download a native Mac executable, I never posted it because I don't have a Mac to test it on, but if you want to try please, help yourself!


Thanks a lot for the quick turnaround!

The game launches on Mac just fine - but I think the crash still happens; I got the beachball of death after playing for several minutes. Will try to attach the log if it spits anything out.

Happened again :(  Here is the backtrace: https://pastebin.com/zPxvLXW2

Thanks, from the logs it seems to be something at the engine level so I may not be able to do much, I can try reporting it to the Godot devs.

Sorry for bothering you, but have you noticed any pattern in the crashes, like always performing a certain action or with a specific combination of locations+enemies?

Unfortunately, I haven't - it has happened both when I entered coves/towers, and when I explored them.

Another issue that happened to me once was that CPU spiked to 100% - it happened specifically in one cove/tower, and reproduced when I left it and came back. That cove had an unusually long corridor, might be worthy of note :)